“New” Project Offset Video

Check out this new(?) video of Project Offset.


~ by roca on April 24, 2006.

2 Responses to ““New” Project Offset Video”

  1. That demo definitely qualifies as “kick ass”. I wonder if kids today appreciate it all. I remember when Adventure on the Atari was “kick ass”, and I couldn’t have imagined games being more enjoyable.

  2. The lighting is odd, at least on my uncalibrated monitor. Looks like overdone key lighting in a movie…too much brightness on the head, too little brightness on similarly oriented surfaces with presumably similar off-axis reflectance and dispersal throughout the rest of the scene. Implication being either a much-too-close source, or deliberate highlighting.

    The running of the stick-figure man at the beginning was done poorly. Not the point, of course.

    Nice on the dragon, of course. But fantasy stuff is easy compared to realistic stuff. I’d be much more impressed by photorealistic/non-feature-overaccentuated horses, or dogs, or humans.

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