WoW Troubles..No Big Surprise

ZDNet has a story about Blizzard's constant problem with server issues in regards to their 5-6 million subscriber funded game World of Warcraft.

You know, they have been live with that game for more then a year now and they still can't fiqure out their network issues. At first it was login in issues with their authentication server or routine. Then it was queue times for servers because they didn't plan well enough for a large number of folks that might be interested in their game. Then it was database server lag. The latest in a string of botched services is their billing. It seems that if your accounts rollover date is/was the 20-21st of the month, their billing system forgot to bill you and now your account is shut down.
I was reading their forums and their brainiac solution was to change your credit card on your account or cancel your account and resub. Well reports on the forums was that neither worked because 90% of the time, you couldn't even log into their account management page. Hmmm

I wonder when people will get tired of how that game is mismanaged and move on. God knows it didn't take long for our players to do that to us.



~ by roca on April 25, 2006.

3 Responses to “WoW Troubles..No Big Surprise”

  1. >God knows it didn’t take long for our players to do that to us

    WWIIOnline had a chance to be bigger, not the 13K subscribers it is getting now. Had Strategy First waited 2 more years and given the Dev team time to put in the promised features on the box, upgrade the graphics a bit, and develop a half decent UI, CRS wouldn’t be in the shape it is today.

    The game as it is today is what customers expected 5 YEARS ago when it was released. Unfortuantely, once you make a first reputation, that reputation sticks with ya and is hard to undo.

    If CRS is doing a release this summer, they really need to up the graphics so its good to know the graphics engine is a priority now. Thereafter, balancing issues would be a high priority if CRS wants to retain the players that join after the summer re-release.

    Eh, you are a grunt anyways … probably none of this will reach the higher-ups.


  2. I have hopes one day that WoW will be shown to the fraud I imagine it to be.

    Sadly, 6 million people are telling me I’m wrong 😦

  3. Well its no secret we had a lot of bad luck during our launch. I mean, who could have predicted a router going tits-up the day of release?

    I guess Blizzard gets a pass because they have sooo many subscribers, and after all, they ARE Blizzard. Some gaming folks think they can never do any wrong.

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