Silent (but not so deadly) Hill

If you haven't seen this movie adaptation of the popular video game yet, then you might not want to read anymore.  I don't really give any true spoilers but some folks don't want to hear anything about it.

I was really excited about the initial trailers of this movie.  The shit looked kinda spooky and freaky.  I thought maybe someone didn't screw up a video game movie for once.  

**BBBZzzzzzzz**  Wrong!

Believe me, I understood the plot line and the story, it was just that the thing had a very shallow dialogue.  Then they throw in a "Ring" girl wannabe because I guess thats the new Freddy Kruger.  She could have been in the game, hell I dunno, but it just looks like a copy-cat thing for the folks that have never played the game.
The movie's cinematography was good and the imagery was creepy at times, but the frickin' dialogue was crap and the acting wasn't much better.  I can't figure out if Radha Mitchell (photo girl of the day) is a bad actress or gets bad direction.  She wasn't bad in "Man on Fire", but she really stunk it up in this one.   Poor Sean Bean, he should really get better parts.

I liked the over all look of Silent Hill and the air raid siren was a nice touch.  I'll have to remember that when I do my movie. 

Wait for DVD.



~ by roca on April 26, 2006.

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