May 1st

Well, the May Day, "A Day Without an Immigrant" is coming up.

I don't like to post about political bullshit on this blog, that's the quickest way to make enemies, but I really think this is a bad idea for the folks trying to get the message across that they want to legally work and live in the United States. Its more of a slap in the face to non-Hispanic Americans…pretty much trying to tell us that "Hey! if it wasn't for illegal immigrants, your country would fall to pieces." Well, I'm sorry, I disagree. Its almost as bad as telling me you want to live and work in the US, but at the same time, telling me how great Mexico is by waving a Mexican flag in my face. Aside from that, do they realize that most illegal immigrants are being taken advantage of? Companies that hire them do so for only one reason: its cheap labor. I'm all for LEGAL immigration. Now if they want to talk about how to streamline the process, for those that really want to be here, and forge a life for themselves, then lets do it, but a policy that doesn't enforce the sovereign nature of our country is not something I want.

Illegal immigration, a porous border, and an already heavily burdened economy all need to be dealt with, but walking out on a job you have illegally, for one day, to "show us silly Americans" and demanding rights that you really don't have, is not a good way to deal with it.

A good friend of mine wanted to share with you all, his talking points regarding this issue. I posted because for the most part, I agree, but I added one:

1) It's illegal.

2) We already have a Guest Worker Program, it's called a VISA.

3) The Guest Worker Program does nothing to reduce or stop the incentive for future illegal immigration.

4) It doesn't matter what kind of program you vote in, if you don't enforce the law, it won't matter.

Viva La America


~ by roca on April 28, 2006.

9 Responses to “May 1st”

  1. Wouldn’t it have been better to take off work on May 6th? I mean…the morning after Cinco de Mayo and all. Whoever organized this didn’t think it through.

  2. hehe

  3. And, there’s a baiting aspect to celebrating people power on May Day. It *is* an international communist/socialist holiday, and all.

    When the strategic goal of your movement is to convince the US government that you’re a bunch of good folks who should be legally incorporated into the American fabric, and the conservative wing of the Republican party is highly significant in that government, it really makes no sense at all to create in their minds *any* degree of association between your cause and communism/socialism.

    Baiting people who have power over your goals isn’t smart.

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