ZBrush Fun

Hey, good news!

We acquired a legit copy of ZBrush and got the go ahead to spend some time and develope high polygon(rez) meshes using subdivision surface modeling techniques for all of our infantry avatars. Those will allow us to bake some really nice normal maps ad get some next-gen avatar graphics. Of course, the models have to be done well, and the textures need to look awesome as well.

Baby steps my friends.


~ by roca on April 28, 2006.

5 Responses to “ZBrush Fun”

  1. That is awesome news, i’m glad you’re being allowed to really make the game compete with todays standards. And it sounds like a great way to up your own skillset at the same time.

  2. Where’s my copy?


  3. Hey that looks pretty cool. Watched the demo vids of them forming meshs. Quite impressive.

  4. Is your turf at this point to expand the fidelity and attractiveness of the existing model set, while others eventually may expand that model set?

    (My assumption: model set = [# of modeled objects] x [# of actions per object])

    Just trying to get a handle on who does what, and priorities.

  5. It sounds like you’re gonna be around for awile after all Toto?

    All this sounds great! And as usual I can’t wait to see the first results!!

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