Draft Day

I enjoy football.  I like to watch it, play it, analyze it, scrutinize it, bash it and write about it.  This is one such post.

I watched the entire coverage of the 2006 draft on Saturday.  I love it.   I heard on Friday night, through ESPN, that the Texans weren't going to take Reggie Bush, but take their need on defense first, Mr. Mario Williams.   I applaud them for it.  They didn't fold and take someone just because of the hype.  The looked over their needs and decided to use their pick to get the best guy for that job.  A+ for the Texans.  Now only time will tell if it truly was a good pick.

Vince Young from UT went third, a little higher then I thought he would, but I guess after Norm Chow saw Young tear up the Trojan's in the Rose Bowl, he decided he was a bit better then that prima donna Matt Leinart.

All of the interesting transactions aside, I mainly watched the draft to see what the Cowboys were going to do.  All in all, not bad. A LB, a TE, another DE, a WR, two OL and a safety.   The only thing that bothers me is that they are still a bit light in at the safety position…free safety that is.   I hope Keith Davis steps it up again this year or it could be a long one for defense against the long pass.
That reminds me, I had tickets to the draft party at Gilleys but none of my "friends" wanted to go.  Hell, I shouldn't have been surprised, I can't even get them to go the games with me, and I have two season tickets.  Goddamned good seats too.   Maybe its my deodorant.
So my in-laws went and had a blast.  They got Roy Williams, Terrance Newman, Marco Riveria, and Keith Davis' autographs, got to drink a lot, and my nephew chugged a beer and threw up his lunch on the floor of Gilleys.  I'd say a very fulfilling outing for them.

Today I sat my arse in front of the tube and watched the closing rounds of the draft.
Yes, quite exciting.


~ by roca on April 30, 2006.

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