ESRB Fires Back

GameDaily Biz talked to Patricia Vance, President of the ESRB in regards to Bethusda's claim that no nude content was available in the release build of "Oblivian" and below is a quote from what she had to say:

"When we brought the topless female images to Bethesda Softworks' attention, they confirmed that the art file existed in a fully rendered form in the code on the game disc. The ESRB's investigation found that the mod allowed users to change the filename for the female character mesh in order to access the art file that was created by Bethesda. While true that a modification was required to access this file, the changes we implemented last year – expanding our disclosure rules to include locked-out content – were made to prevent these kinds of situations…"

So it looks like this is turning into a "he said- she said" type of issue.

Personally, if the art file was in the build, then they deserve the M rating, but if a third party had to actually CREATE the nude file, or make the art "nude" (haha), then the ESRB has over-stepped their boundaries in my opinion.


~ by roca on May 5, 2006.

6 Responses to “ESRB Fires Back”

  1. That’s exactly where I stand on it. If it’s on the disc, shame on you. If it’s entirely 3rd party, woopdeefrikkindoo.

  2. This is getting absolutely rediculous with ESRB….

  3. Well, it’s easy enough to find out who is at fault. Just buy a retail copy of the CD and look through the images. It doesn’t matter what he said, nor what she said.

  4. Well better hurry they are pulling the games from shevles for repackaging.

  5. I see your Lara one McFarlane Toto, and raise you one McFarlane Dorothy.

  6. Oh shit! Those are newer Twisted Oz figures…you have to buy me that Dorothy one…that is sooo tight.

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