Booth Babes?

Where are you?!

With the start of E3 2006, seems to be the absence of clamour over the Booth Babes. What happened? Did the gaming industry make them illegal or what?
I wish I could have went this year to start a search for them, but I'm not worthy.

Oh yeah, I guess it could have something to do with the most insane rule ever made for a gaming convention. Bullets, knives, and killing is ok stuff, but bikini bottoms are BANNED and finable up to $5000! Holy handgrenade! What is this world coming to? Give me thongs or give me death!
I did manage to find a couple of sites still pimping (bad choice of words) the Babe's photos:


The Firing Squad

Action Trip

If anyone has any other links, let me know.


~ by roca on May 11, 2006.

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