Paris Hilton Jewel Jam


Am I the only male who can't stand the Hotel Heiress?   Every time I hear a news story or read an article with her name in it, I want to introduce the floor to my lunch.  I don't think she is attractive, and she's a bit full of herself.  She can't act, and I would imagine, she is about as sharp as a bowling ball.

So imagine my angst when i read she showed up at E3 to announce her *cough* mobile video game; Jewel Jam.  Of course, she was late, and she called the damn thing DiamondQuest.   What a pinhead.

Go back to your worthless existance as a poster child for deranged little rich girls Paris…please.

On an up note:  More booth babe goodness

Virtual Hideout 

Firing Squad 



~ by roca on May 12, 2006.

One Response to “Paris Hilton Jewel Jam”

  1. […] I can't stand her either, Toto. Maybe her confusion at E3 was something to do with Lum rumbling her security. Ahh, that makes my month, Scott […]

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