Post Con Syndrome

As you all know, the con concluded last night, and like most conventions, it kind of faded away…not much fanfare. I am sure it's due to folks not drinking as much, saying their goodbyes and such things. I thought I heard Joker mentioning that some of them were going to hit "New Orleans Nights" again…so maybe they had a more eventful evening.

The con was fun like it usually is. It's great to meet new folks and re-acquaint yourself with the veterans. Share a few drinks and laugh about stupid shit.
I shared a room with Rafter on Friday but I swear I won't again, and I'm sure the feeling is mutual. Something about snoring…I was asleep so who cares.

The keg beer sucked but it was free, so you can't complain too much. Sam the bartender was a trooper and managed to keep everyone stocked with their favorite beverage. Kudos to Sam.
The food was….ok. Finger foods you know, not very exciting.
WillyTee premiered his newest movie…funny as usual but a little too much Rafter.

By far, one of the most fun things we did was the Poker Tournament. So well received it was, that we did it again on Saturday night. I was put out at the first table both times…some really bad hands and a couple of mistimed calls cost me. Congratulations to the winners on both nights. I also have to give Jim (Maypole) his props…he could bluff, he played well.

I have to highlights for me, that I will share:
1. Knocking Moxin out in Fight Night Round 3 in front of his fans (thanks to JBurton for bringing the Xbox 360)
2. The Toto sandmich (see pic below)

1. Not rapping with Helspar (he looked like he would kick my ass, so I stayed away) 😉
2. Fetching Pearl (Mrs. Fog) a drink. She was so nice.

I have noticed that these functions usually exhibit the same dynamic as a high school, weekend party. The place gets very cliquish, and attention gets drawn to the "popular kids". It's amazing how things like this are not just reserved to the young, but the middle aged as well. I guess I'll find out later (if I'm lucky), if it applies to the elderly as well.

Convention Pcitures
Below: my fav pic of the event…


~ by roca on May 28, 2006.

7 Responses to “Post Con Syndrome”

  1. […] Toto has a good post-con post. […]

  2. I hope you had fun TOTO. It was a lot like a high school reunion.

  3. You, sir, were sweet as sugar! I really enjoyed meeting you, and I’m looking forward to next year! Love ya, Grandpa!!1


  4. Awww shucks…thanks you two.

  5. New Orleans Nights was fun both nights, many of the female WWIIOL patrons joined us and had fun supporting the local single mothers, tastefully, of course.

    It was all good. Rats and Toto “got ‘er done” in style and many friends from last year appeared again and became closer friends.

    Thank you TOTO.

  6. It was a blast…. Really enjoyed just listening to your guys and gals. ToTo as usuall ur fun to drink with. Till next year

  7. did you go to con-con this year?

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