Why Have a Job?

Since I was laid off in December, I think i have been more busy modeling, texturing and overall art tasks then I was when I had a full time job.

On top of working under contract, with Playnet, I am doing some concept work for a pet project of mine, and I volunteered to help do some modeling for Badge of Blood. I know that poor MonkeyLord is probably getting pissed at me because I am taking quite a bit longer then I estimated. I just wish there was more hours in the day to accommodate everything I need to do.
Hang in there Monkey…I'll get 'er done. (Gawd I hate that saying)

On a side note, the Dallas Mavericks are headed to the Finals. I want to say for the record that I despise Shaquille O'Neal. I know everyone who cares about the NBA is probably in love with this guy but I really don't think he can PLAY the game of basketball. He is huge which turns out to be his only asset, in my humble opinion. Watch a game sometime, I bet he probably commits at least 5-10 charges that do not get called during the course of a game.

Anyway, I'm cheering for the Mavericks.


~ by roca on June 5, 2006.

5 Responses to “Why Have a Job?”

  1. If just being huge wasn’t good enough for games where size is important, there’d be 3 teams in the NFL with an offensive or defensive line – and they’d have to play ironman.

  2. Football no equal basketball. Apples and oranges. 🙂

    If he enjoys his claim to fame as being huge compared to being a GOOD basketball player, then I guess he laughs all the way to the bank. To me he will always be an over-rated BB player.

  3. Shaq playes Beyond Blitzkrieg? Awesome!

  4. farking lawyers

  5. what was that?

  6. Have you ever thought of rejoining CRS as full time RAT? I mean, everybody knows that the game seriously needs you…and I also think CRS would agree….did you ever talk to them about this?

    Come on man….the game can’t afford to lose you….

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