Go Mavs!

Well, I had a really nice blog all prepared pertaining to work, but I think you all are getting tired of hearing about it.   I am still sending portfolios out, looking for something that I can't refuse, so if any of you have any leads, fork them bad boys over.

Today I will rant over the Mavs, and their disappointing showing in Miami.  They actually lost one game because of their poor play, but game 5 was a travesty!  One 2-guard gets to the free throw line more times then his opponent's entire team?!  Can you say one-sided?  FUCK!
How about the convenient suspension of Jerry Stackhouse because of a hard foul against a load of a human, who's playing skills list consists of throwing intentional elbows, and brick laying from the line?  The phantom foul at the end of OT disn't help matters, as well as the suspect non-call at the end of regulation.

Boy did I write a nasty email to Stern. 😉

Anyway, that's all behind us now and we start tonight.  I have confidence that the Mavs will win 2 straight on their home court.   The Heat just isn't that good.

On a side note, I have gotten back into golf again, and love it.   Ok admit it, who really gives a shit about my rekindled interest in golf?   That's what I thought.



~ by roca on June 20, 2006.

3 Responses to “Go Mavs!”

  1. Hmm….love girls in sport outfits, think that looks sexy as hell!!

    Btw please don’t stop to report about WWIIOL work 🙂

  2. Mav’s owner and coach let the team get distracted by the injustice they recived in Miami. They got away from the things that got them to the finals. They would get ahead, and then go into “jump shot” mode. You could tell at the 1/2 that Mavs were not going to win the game….it is really sad that the refs in Miami injected themself into the game so much, they were piss poor refs and shouldn’t have there jobs next year.

  3. Shot an 89 my first time out this year. 🙂

    Made a 45-foot putt for par (hides face) on #1 on Thursday! My day was shot from there-on, though. lol

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