The UV Mapping Tedium

As a game artist, I am exposed and tasked to do many forms of art related jobs.  Illustration has always been my first love, and I draw every chance I get.   I published my own comic back in the mid-late 80’s and pencil and ink are by far, my favorite medium.  3d modeling comes a close second, while rigging and animating a character gives me some residual enjoyment.

Without a doubt, UV mapping and preparing the model for textures is the least enjoyable part of the game art process for me.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s 100% necessary and takes some practice and raw talent to do.  After all, you only have so much pixel space to use and must make the most of it to achieve the desired effect.   I was always taught; a texture can MAKE or BREAK a model and I have come to buy into that completely.  The time that goes into mapping a model though, is tough for me to take.  Although it might not be true, I find it the least challenging and thus, the least enjoyable part of creating a game character.
The new mapping tools that MAX has embedded into their toolset makes it a lot easier then it used to be back in the pre-6.0 days, but it’s still a WIP and tends to test my constitution for game work.

EA Aquires Mythic:

I’m sure anyone who cares, has heard that Mythic was purchased by Electronic Arts.  I am sure this is a good thing for Mythic, if only for marketing reasons on their Warhammer project, but it puts doubts into my wee head about the upcoming release of W.A.R.   EA doesn’t have a very good track record with acquisitions and I was so looking forward to Warhammer Online.   I guess I can hope that this will be EA’s “first”.


~ by roca on June 27, 2006.

4 Responses to “The UV Mapping Tedium”

  1. Yeah gota hate uv’ing eh >.

  2. Did you ever try out UVLayout? I sent you the link a while back. It’s still not the best for architectural shapes (although I have found some tricks to employ to make it work) but it absolutely rocks on organic. The developer is supposed to be adding more game specific tools in the future but I’ve found it still saves me a lot of time and frustration.

    Otherwise, yeah. I absolutely hate doing UVs due to nothing else than the shear tedium of it all.

    Textures completely make or break a model. I fully agree. You can have the best model in the world and it will look like dirty ass if the texture isn’t there. Just look at the finished product Yarin turns in to us. It’s awe inspiring every single time. Texturing is the one thing I really need to work on, then animation. Even when I look at what I consider to be my best piece of work, I find a lot that can be done better.

    I might actually consider myself competent in the next few months if my practice pieces come out the way I’m expecting them to. 🙂

  3. Yeah I downloaded UVLayout. I can’t remember why I didn’t try it yet…something about the registration key and a waiting period or something?

    Anyway, I’ll make sure to go back to it and check it out.

  4. Btw Toto, if you useing Max 8 (no idea what program your on) but pelt mapping really cuts down time for character uv’ing.

    Im about to test if it works on weapons and alike too.

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