Happy 4th

Well, we celebrated our independence day yesterday.  Happy 4th to all of you proud Americans.   I thought it was pretty cool that the shuttle (STS-121) launched yesterday as well.  Fitting I suppose.

I was tempted to do some extra-cirruculur art this weekend, but I said to hell with it and fucked off the entire time.
I have been messing around with The Matrix Online during a free trial period.  It’s ok and I’m not totally bored with it yet…so I might hang in there for a while.  I only play about an hour every other day or so.

That reminds me, I bet Ranger40 and wheelz are pissed at me.  I haven’t played Shot-Online for about 3 weeks now.  Sorry guys.


~ by roca on July 5, 2006.

One Response to “Happy 4th”

  1. Toto! Man, I sent your invite to the FFL to your playnet mail…. you still have that, right? If not, hit me with an email addy that works. League’s already up to 14 teams, am going to increase the size to 16, with you & coach being the last 2 I’m taking.

    We’ve got a full house this year, bro. This is going to be a BLAST this year. All the regs are back, and we’ve added some of the personalities from the forum who have talked to me since last YEAR about joining the league.

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