My Kingdom for a MECH!

Well I almost bought Chromehounds the other day, but picked up NCAA 2007 instead.  I assume I am afraid it will not meet my expectations of what I think a ‘mech’ game should be.  You see, ever since I started working in the game industry, I became convinced that a MMOG, persistant world mech based game would kick so much ass.  So every year that passes by is a dissapointment when no such game hits the shelves.  Chromehounds sounds close, but maybe not close enough for me.

Someone started a thread on the WWIIOL boards about Playnet using it’s current technology and making another MMOG.  Not a bad idea on the whole, but it takes more then a good idea and talk to launch one.  Money, manpower and solid gameplay is the modus operandi for successful projects.   The idea of working on a mech based MMOG is very appealing though, and half-way tempting for me to give up more of my free time (zero at this point) to do some concept work for one.
Hell, the weekend is coming up…maybe I can spare an hour or so………….


~ by roca on July 27, 2006.

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