Revised Weapons Anyone?

Woot!  Granik has finished a good majority of the revised infantry weapon models, and passed them over to me.  I will need to rig them and animate them where necessary, but since I can’t get to that until sometime next week, it looks like they won’t make it into the live game until 1.25 (I hope I got that right).


~ by roca on August 10, 2006.

9 Responses to “Revised Weapons Anyone?”

  1. Will it look like that ingame?

  2. Good stuff!
    The graphical side of the game seams to be getting better week by week at the moment. KEep up the good work.

  3. Wow! Is that at 1280×1040?

  4. I hope you and Granik don’t mind but I’d like to offer a few crits.

    1. The grain towards the bottom of the butt stock and near the receiver looks a little odd with the way the grain bevels. I assume that’s just from the way it’s mapped but I’d suggest baking it if it’s a layout space problem. I’m sure it will get cut out anyways for the view model but if it’s like that on the other side it could stand to be corrected.

    2. The stain and finish seem too light, especially given the heavy wear given to the blueing of the metal finish. It’s like the wood is all factory fresh and everything else has seen heavy use.

    3. From all the reference pics I’ve found, neither the plate attached to the bolt handle nor the piece on the ejection port came in unfinished stainless steel. All the reference I’ve seen has them blued just the same as the rest of the finish.

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing the wear on the blue finish varied up a bit, maybe a few scratches thrown in, some flaking on the magazine, etc. It seems very uniform atm. Baking some AO in wouldn’t hurt either.

    Other than that, it looks pretty sweet! Glad to see a decent size texture on these weapons now and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest.

    btw… Are you guys able to use spec maps yet? The one thing that would really make these weapons stand out would be spec maps, even over normal maps.

  5. We are not using normals on these weapons. It’s a long tired explanation. 🙂
    Spec maps might be an option, just something we will have to look into.

    Nope, not 1280×1024

  6. If I had to pick, I’d take a spec map capability over a normal map any day of the week. I used to think a normal map was more valuable until I saw a comparison demo by Paul Campion in one of his Gnomon texturing DVDs. Totally reversed my thinking.

  7. TOTO don’t forget to check my animation reference thread when you start creating them so you can see how they should be done and how everything works in real life!

    Please spend the time to make them as real as possible this time because I guess this will be the lasttime they get reworked for a very very long time so we have to get them right this time. It will also help to advertise the game a lot more IMHO!

  8. So when will someone say something about what’s the next infantry project after the current visuals-and-animations improvements?

    Such as…

    Mortarman with a light mortar, plus an assistant mortarman shell-dropping mode for the rifleman?

    AA tripods, pintle mounting and/or object resting for LMGs?

    Offensive-type and defensive-type hand grenades, and offensive, defensive and HEAT rifle grenades, for all sides?

    AT weapon infantryman with PIAT, Bazooka, or Panzerschreck, plus an assistant AT weapon man with a shell/rocket loading mode? German rifleman with Panzerfaust?

    Either variable-height-crouch (mouse wheel) infantry operation of variable-elevation-aim pintle-mounted weapons, or crouch height that conforms automatically to the weapon elevation aim?

    Motorcycle/bicycle riding?

    Vehicle mount/dismount?

    Three-height infantrymen?

    Virtual Foxholes?

  9. Btw please keep us updated about your progress 😉

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