Mesh Interpenetration

Woah! Sounds sexy eh?

While working at Playnet and on WWIIO, I have noticed that there are not a lot of games that can escape the character models interpenetrating themselves at some point during the course of extreme animation playback. There are some folks who do a really good job of hiding it, or even making it look “natural”, but then some go out of their way to try and not have it, only to make their character (especially the problematic joints) look “unnatural”…lot’s of wierd deformations and “pinching”. I prefer the former, but that’s me. My rule of thumb is that I can’t escape the inevitable with the lower polycounts of our models, so I try and make the IP (interpenetration) look as close to real folds and bends as I can.

Until games are capable of displaying character models close to the 10K triangle range (getting close), I don’t see a simple solution.

Maybe Assassin’s Creed, or Gears of War are the start to something really eye-popping in the way of character game art.


~ by roca on September 6, 2006.

5 Responses to “Mesh Interpenetration”

  1. Well, it’s really simple if vertex animation is used rather than skeletal. Then you can just make your character and run cloth simulations to automatically take care of any IP. But nobody does that in games except for cut scenes.

    I know the Assassin’s Creed trailer was done entirely within XSI so I wouldn’t look at that for any clues on the future.

  2. Well I am sure that you know that vertex animation is processor intensive and doesn’t translate well to in-game uses.

    Regarding Assassin’s Creed…someone had told me (second hand) that Sony claimed that was made using actual game technology….but I would be more inclined to believe you as it is some amazing visuals.

  3. Assasians Creed looks really awsome. Saw it at e3. Those Screenshots do do it justice.

  4. I know why it isn’t used in a realtime game environment. 😉

    Both Assassin’s Creed and the MGS4 trailer were done entirely within XSI, and I know according to Syflex’s website that they used Syflex in XSI to handle all of the hero’s clothing in AC.

    You can see it in their Siggraph show reel. They have MGS4, AC, HL2:EP2, and a few others in there. It would be cool if it was in-game footage but, alas, it’s all in XSI.

  5. Yeah I figured as much…..just looks really good. 🙂

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