Another EA Rant

Since I haven’t had much to show off lately, in the realm of WWIIOL art, I have to find things to post that interest me that might not include stuff I do.   Forgive my digression.

Rafter just showed me some screenshots from Tiger Woods ’07.   I thought this game was being or had been developed for the next gen consoles (XB360)?   It pretty much looked like ass.

Others might have made this observation long ago, but I’m a tad slow.   Every exclusive license they have, the latest versions of those games seem to be crap, while they spend their time and cool ideas on sports games that have to share a league license with other devs…mostly the 2K team.  It’s too bad that they feel no obligation to the license or their customers to actually produce a good game in an area where they know they have the exclusivity to just sit back and take the money in.

The match that started this tiny fire I am fanning now was given to me by Rafter.  He recently purchased a XB360 along with a few games.   Well it seems that he couldn’t connect to any EA servers to play NHL’07, or Fight Night 3.  His copy of Top Spin 2 (2K) connected fine and he could play others online, like it was designed to do.    After a little Google searching, we found (off of both the Xbox Live and EA forums btw) that the solution was to turn his XB360 internal clock back to 11/15/2005.  WTF?   Anyway, that fixed whatever BUG the game had and he was able to connect and get his arse whipped by me (FN3 only).

So why do we, the consumers, put up with this kind of shit?   I’m guessing because we have no choice.   If you want to play a football game that has your favorite team represented, then you must pay the “devil”.

I wonder what the solution to this problem could be.    I guess a general boycott of everything EA would do it, but very hard to pull off.  Maybe just a large email campaign to show them how upset, we, their paying customers are about their complacency..I dunno.


~ by roca on September 20, 2006.

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