To Commute or Not

Today I am going to talk hypothetically.

Let’s say you have an opportunity to work on something you think you might like….hmm…let’s say it’s a video game, a MMOG that hasn’t been released yet, but in order to do so, you would need to travel about 3 hours to and from the city in which the company resides…would you do it?

Just asking.


~ by roca on October 4, 2006.

20 Responses to “To Commute or Not”

  1. 3 hours to and 3 hours back, or 1.5 hours each way? 90 Minutes is a long time…but survivable.

    ‘Corse, with what I hear happens in game companies…work 21 hours, and 3 hours travel time wouldn’t be too nice.

    But to work on a MMOG? I’d do it 🙂

  2. Let’s say….hmmm…6 hours total. In this scenario, I would think a weekend commute would be the good call.

  3. If you think this companys is going to produce a good game…..HELL YA!

  4. I wouldn’t, if I had to drive the distance. You only get so much time in a life. I don’t want to burn up any more than I have to, driving a car. Plus the mileage would have a direct cost.

    If OTOH I could commute on a train so I could sleep, that’d be a different story.

    Probably no trains down your way, though.

  5. Yeah, unfortunately, no trains.

  6. If 3 hrs each way that pretty much = a double shift every day. It’ll burn you to ground pretty quick. I’d suggest weighing commute cost (gas, wear and tear on veh etc + fatigue against a small, cheap appartment maybe 15 to 20 minutes away from the job.
    I know being away from family for the majority of every week sucks but honestly if you luck up and only work 8 hours a day then with that 6 hours driving you are’nt gonna have time or energy to enjoy the short time at home each day.

  7. I would live in the other place during the week and go back home for the weekends. If they would be really, really interested I’m sure someone would find you a cheap place to stay, and provide free meals.

    My current time to work is 21 minutes driving to cover 25Km.

  8. Your wife could move with you if you could get the football team to move as well, right?

  9. I agree, I think the only way (in this hypothetical situation) I would do it is to stay during the week, and come home on weekends.

    Yeah, my wife would only go if the team moved there too. 🙂

  10. Plus, maybe you could pact a short Friday, working until 1PM or something like that. Adding a whole afternoon to the weekend does wonders.

    I know because I was 5 years doing it from Zaragoza to Pamplona. That’s a two hour drive. I came back every Friday at 1~1:30PM and returned on Sundays at 11PM, so I usually arrived at 1AM and went straight to bed to be ready for Mondays.

  11. Are you crazy? Mind you, I am from NY, so long commutes are almost unheard of. I’d be far too exhausted from the 3-hour commute to do any work.

  12. Oh and I’d get homesick if I had to stay there the whole week.

  13. Work out a deal where you only have to commute a couple of days a week, and telecommute the rest.

  14. I know of a particular business that has some employees that work four 10 hour days as their base workweek, with some days up to twelves. They get three days off every weekend, except every fourth or fifth weekend they get five days off.

    Is your potential employer structured so that when you were in the office, you’d work extra long hours as a further way of justifying telecommuting on other days?

  15. Didn’t read the other replies because I don’t have enough time, but if I had to stay there for the whole week except the weekend and my family would not be with me, I could definately not do it because I would get depressive without my GF.

    It also depends on the money they pay, if it is worth it…

    Also how serious the company you should work for is, how long you can expect to stay with them etc…

    But for me the biggest factor would be my family…

    And no, I would vertainly not travel 6 hours a day to and from work….because it will harm your health in one way of the other after a certain time…

  16. Either way, I think it would be a really tough decision.

  17. I don’t think I could do it long term but a few months I could do it if I absolutely had to. Driving from Dallas to Austin and back like that would suck ass. Depends on the game, time to release, and company, too. Is it BioWare, Midway, SOE?

  18. It’s hypothetical.

  19. Btw do you have a bigger pic of the girl?

  20. I’d move. Moving 3 hours away is much easier than moving cross country.

    btw my hypothetical guess is NcSoft.

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