Play Type or My OP-ED

I am always a little mixed about writing these as they tend to not get read, or at least commented on. I’m not sure if folks don’t read it, don’t comment, don’t care or have nothing to add…but I continue on subjecting myself to the rejection.

With the upcoming release of Blizzard’s 1st expansion pack to their ever popular MMORPG; WoW, I indulged in a little questing amongst the other 6 million players.

Now here is my question: what kind of MMOG player are you?

As far as I can tell there are two kinds. There is the quick to the finish, grab the statistically best gear there is and “win” kind. Then there are the “I like to read the story, explore and immerse myself in the fictional world” kind.
I think I am the latter.
In my opinion, WoW has a very cool backstory, and the sub-plots and quest storylines are good reads (for the most part). Hell, did you know that with some of the quests you are treated to a little entertaining AI dialogue and reaction if you just hang around for a few extra minutes?

I think most of the folks that play now are just looking to “beat the game” the quickest way they know how and to hell with the work that was put into making a compelling and immersive world. That would explain the plethora of websites devoted to just mapping, and cataloging everything Azeroth.

So let’s have it, what type of MMORPG player are you?


~ by roca on October 13, 2006.

13 Responses to “Play Type or My OP-ED”

  1. Offcourse we read but we are also way too lazy to write comments hehe!

    There’s mainly two reason why I read you blog and the first one is the hope of you spilling some beans about WWII-ONLINE and the second is to see what happens to a talented artist like you in your career.

  2. I’m not an MMORPG player at all, except secondarily to being a long-ago-board-wargamer, history aficianado, grognard and simmer that happens to be involved with a sim that’s sort of an MMORPG. I have no interest in playing any other OLGs.

  3. I read you stuff all time, I just dont like typing.

    What kind of MMOGer am I. I’m not really. All I want is the “Holo-deck”. Imerrsion baby thats were its at.

  4. I’m the “tired of getting lied too and screwed over, give up MMO’s altogether” type.

  5. Well…Bartle said there were 4 types, and practicaly by defination, everyone who plays WW2OL is a “Killer” rigjt?

    ‘Corse. WW2OL, is the only MMOG I know where YOU create the story. Who conquers Western Europe?

    The question on why we play games, isn’t an easy one to answer though.

  6. Could be 4 type of gamers, but my experience has been that here are 2 types of MMORPGers.
    Just my observation.

    I think all you guys who play WWIIOL are fanaticals. 🙂 I kid.

  7. I really prefer single-player rpg’s since I enjoy solo’ing more than grouping, and there doesn’t feel like some competition to stay even with the other players. By taking it slow in online games it feels like other players are getting more content for their money, rather than the other way around. I usually don’t play MMORPGs for more than 6 months, though.

    It’s like Netflix. I feel an obligation to watch the movies as soon as possible and get them back in the mail so that I can get more content for my monthly fee.

    So, no, I don’t play for immersion in online games the way I do in single player games. I played EQ, EQII and WoW each for a 6 month period and then unsubscribed.

  8. Well I always do read yours I just never comment because well I always thought I needed an account and could never be bothered. turns out I am wrong. I’m a big WoW fan, and am definetly the later. I love adventuring and exploring. Unfortunatly most of my friends are the type who try and beat the game and get the best equpment first.

    It ends up sucking for me because when I stumble accross a cave somewhere with a “hidden” npc and quest I get all excited and apon telling my friends they let me know they have read about it and the time:reward ratio makes it not worth getting and that I should go grind on some trolls for a bit and get some sword from another quest that wont need replacing for another 5 levels.

    It bugs me that my friends have basicly read everything about everything and thus make it impossible for me to get excited about anything anymore.

  9. Cokeman – stop gaming with those friends.

    I am in any game for the content. I was always amazed in the “accountant gamer” who wants time:benefit ratioes etc. Maybe, since I have practiced law and accounting I care nothing for talkers and number based financing gameplay.

    I care for art, story, NPC realism, and over-all motivation. Humor included is the best of all. Make the game scary, tough and have a few laugh points in every quest – sort of like Half-Life, Half-Life 2, and Dungeon Quest. I love MMOLG that DON’T let the numbers players get ahead.

    Look around at the art, for god’s sake. Look at the time involved in THINKING. That makes the game worth it. Everything else is the boring people always hurtling forward to experience whatever is next without noticing that where they are or were *was* the experience.

    And…TOTO…one thing….If you want a blog read, it must be updated almost daily, have daily comments always, have a “Voice” (a reason for being, as well as a reason for being read).

    You post fitfully, and get off of my daily check-in. Watch KFSONE’s. He doesn’t write everyday, but what he writes about is not covered anywhere else. It has a programmer’s voice and programmer only talk, plus it has WWIIOL as constant background to tie it together.

    Write of your daily struggle to produce “art” as well as art. Talk of compromises and solutions and long-term career related debates. But if you just generally comment on the world of gaming that doesn’t have *your voice*…then there are plenty of other places that do that better, and don’t teach us about *you*.

    Good luck. I would love to blog, but somehow, the effort to place Business Controls on the Operational and Accounting Risks of a $700 billion portfolio make people prefer to read Pravda whether they understand russian or not. 🙂

  10. Ok guys..first off, thanks for the comments, secondly, I wasn’t talking about the blog, I was talking about the OP-ED stuff.

    joker: thanks for all of the advice, but I really don’t care if people read it or not. I’m not trying to win any contests or anything.

    “Blogging” is overrated really. There are not that many things in the world that should take up that much of your time that you feel the need to write it all down or read it.

  11. Maoists? Maybe?

  12. I always start a new MMO as type 2 (content centric) and then become more and more a type 1 as I play longer. I think this is mostly because while there are some finely written quest-lines and locations I find them few and far between. Most of the quests and places are just filler and I tire of reading the 800 different ways the quest writers came up with to say “Bring me 10 boar tusks”. Also I find the internet is a major detraction from content centric gaming. All the guides and walkthroughs take away any sense of exploration from the game unless you get in at the very beginning before the guides exist. You may not look at them, but there’s almost always someone in your party who does and tells you everything that’s coming. Play solo you say? Might as well not waste my time, solo play in an MMO is about as fun as watching paint dry or the grass grow.

    Surprisingly DDO was the first MMORPG I played in a long time that I felt I could have played all the way through as a content centric gamer. It was completely non-equipment centric, the entire game was based on hand crafted quests that for the most part had 1000 times more character and interest than the majority of WoW’s quests, it was group centric, and I thought it had an enjoyable new take on MMORPG combat. Unfortunately everyone I normally play MMO’s with didn’t enjoy DDO so I never got to play through a lot of it.

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