Damn Bunny Sway

So, I’m here working on the stuff that’s going into 1.25 for infantry. Never-mind that Granik got to do all of the fun modeling with crazy ass polycounts for the new weapons, and that I get stuck with the tedious work of rigging and fixing animations…oh nooooooooooooo, now I have to beg to get the stupid gun sway fixed so it doesn’t look like ass…you know….the way it does currently.

Sometimes, I miss Thunder.

We had a little meeting yesterday regarding “bouncing” grenades. The plan seems like a good compromise between form and function, but early on, it didn’t sound so hot.
God-luv-him, I didn’t understand why Ollie thought it would be ok to have grenades appear at your feet after someone had bounced it your way. I mean, materialize out of nowhere, at your feet. I know that he was inferring that it was more important that everyone knew where the distination point was (or end point), then what it actually did to get there…but to me, it sounded like a fucking grenade could just appear around me and BLAM!
I finally understood what was going to happen, or he changed his mind a bit about it…whatever it was, I think it’s a good plan.

Now if I could just get him to post some more Latina women on his blog.


~ by roca on October 25, 2006.

12 Responses to “Damn Bunny Sway”

  1. LOL, I could just see the chat in game when someone suddenly dies! Yelling & swaring at the Rats before soneone tells them that a grenade had just appeared and thats why they where dead.

    And Ollie thought he go abuse in game now!

    As long as you can see & hear a grenade coming then it will be fine.

  2. šŸ˜‰

  3. Yeah, I’ve never been a fan of the sway as it is live. My thoughts are this: hold a gun up and put a bead on something/someone. Notice how your eye-to-sight picture doesn’t move and doesn’t change. What moves is the entire upper torso of the shooter, unless of course you are in a supported position.

    OMFG that chick is HAWT! more please!

  4. Dam, all i saw was some firewall message. No goods for me.

  5. Stang, just check out the root of the URL.

  6. So anyway, Toto, what do you think should be upgraded about the game next after the current infantry rework? 8^)

  7. As you wish šŸ™‚ (Copy paste will work better than clicking)

  8. What I want to see is irrelevant I assure you.

    1. New, higher polycount-normal mapped infantry troopers
    2. Granny equipped AT guns and vehicle positions.
    3. The implementation of Havok, Aegis or another competent physics suite.

  9. That would be a winning trio, but I still get shot by infantry that is already dead in my end, so I would add a

    0. Make play smoother. Maybe Ollie’s backchannel has answers for that.

  10. negative GHOSTRIDER, the pattern is full.

    We all want:


    Do it! You know you want to…

  11. Did they change the weapon sway? Or is it still the system I implemented way the hell back when?

  12. No change in weapon sway man. Still the same thing you implemented.

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