Raph Koster has posted a tidbit on OGLE. I won’t regurgitate his info, but you can go read about it on his blog. I will say it’s pretty interesting and I’ll download and check it out tonight when I get home.


~ by roca on November 21, 2006.

4 Responses to “OGLE”

  1. One of the linked comments on Raph’s site talks about grabbing Google Earth data.

    Suppose you’re making a modern tactical war-sim for a military customer, for planning rather than fun. A capability like this plus some complex customer design-middleware to rapidly replace particular photographic content with game-optimized objects i.e. Speedvegetation, might allow you to load your simulation with real world terrain, including buildings and vegetation, for a particular location on extremely short notice.

    Of course, you’d be loading data from military satellites, not Google data. So you’d have more resolution, and your data would be a few days old instead of a few years.

    Which might mean, for instance, being able to simulate various versions of a particular special forces tactical operation in the actual environment on the ground, a few days after the plan is originated, in time for the simulation to be a critical-path planning tool.

    Which might mean the capability would be worth sizeable bucks to DoD-type customers.

  2. Goofy smile, but Salma is a known beauty and can be forgiven occasionally not being ready for the shutter.

    She’s otherwise ready, though.

  3. Nice picture. She is so hot, I don’t care how goofy her smile is. 🙂

  4. I can’t get it running with WWIIOL which is a pity. Would love to muck about with some scenes and make some machinima.

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