My Kingdom for a Tool

Get yer mind out of the gutter.

I’m talking about an animation tool to be used in house, for testing new infantry models and animations.  Something that allows me to load meshes, animations and Granny blends so that I can troubleshoot and tweak before they get into the game build.   Thunder wrote one ages ago and it was pretty good.   My only complaint with it was that it required me to do some text document editing and reloading every time I wanted to look at something or change something.   So when Codec took over he tried, bless his heart, and it was shaping into something really nice, but for whatever reason it never got completed.   Enter Martini:  I’m crossing my fingers that he will work on it and get it to a final, workable state…only time will tell.

If any of you are familiar with a WoW mod called “ModelViewer”, then you will know what I am looking for in a tool of this nature.


~ by roca on December 7, 2006.

11 Responses to “My Kingdom for a Tool”

  1. You guys still using the blend system I originally made? I thought it was pretty robust, but yeah, pretty tough to use (all those text files drove us batty)

  2. Yeah we are still using the blend system.
    It actually still works great for what we do…it’s just managing those damn things and the config file. 🙂

  3. Is a new tool something the WWIIOL comumnity could contribute to buying CRS?

  4. WOW nice pic again, seems like we both like the same kind of girls…

    OMG how sad, i am sitting at home at my birthday completely alone because again my girlfriend cannot be with me…real life sucks…

    Anyway, good question mwhitman, I am sure that the community would like to donate some money to get a tool like that. At least I would.

    Maybe start a poll or mention it in the newsletter? What do you think?

  5. Unfortunatley no. The tool would be an internal, proprietary thing that uses our protested data, it’s not something like 3d Studio Max or Photoshop.

    Thanks for the thought though.

  6. OK, maybe we can pay to clone one of your programmer a few times! But is the world ready for more than one RickB or KFS1?

  7. protested = protected doh!

    And no…the world couldn’t handle a clone of either one of those nuts. 😉

  8. What about a a motion capture system?

    That would be of use for the current inf, and when you go to adding ‘normal’ inf to the other at-guns and possibly tank commanders, etc.

    Something like that would usualy be a one-off fee and soemthing we, the playerbase. could help fund.

  9. You only need about 18 gold builders for a basic mocap suit. 🙂

    I know what you want and it is very helpful. The model viewer in Source was always really helpful in that regard.

  10. Would they have to have any proprietary data? Even just a granny viewer/blender would give you a lot of what you need .. and that’s all data you already plop on client machines as is ..

  11. hmmm good question

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