So I am finally finished with the first person revisit.  It seems like it has taken forever and it has!  But that is not entirely all my fault, oh no.  Some other folks have to take part of the blame.

Between the time we decided to make that part of the schedule, paratroopers were added, Playnet got involved with something else they needed my help on, and then new deploying dynamics for LMGs and ATRs.  Not to mention the layoffs, and the subsequent “rehire” as a contract laborer.   Yep, lot’s of obstacles.

It’s all over now…the new weapons, and some new animations, as well as bouncing grenades, and deploy-anywhere weapons are in there.  The FPS animations will always need some adjusting and we plan to spend some time after the Holidays polishing up what is in there now…but that’s all icing.

I wonder if they are going to “lay me off” again?


~ by roca on December 21, 2006.

12 Responses to “Finally…”

  1. I hope not!

    Maybe a permanent re-hire with the addition of a few tools (maybe funded by the player base, think mocap suite,etc).

    Well it’s near ehough to New Year for us to wish for a few things isn’t it! 🙂

    Anyway, enjoy your holidays, Merry Christmas & here’s hoping it turns out to be a great year for you.

    !S Mwhitman.

  2. 1. Remember the three-infantry-heights-with-different-personal-performance proposal, from a couple of years ago? I’d still like to see that implemented…along with some uniform changes to increase practical camouflage, and move the game away from visual-design-to-make-targets-more-visible.

    2. There’s been a ton of discussion of an eventual evolution of towed weapons toward animated gun crewing, perhaps in association with an ability for gun crewmen to separate from their gun and then rejoin. That same capability will need to be implemented for certain naval weapons, to make those crews realistically survivable. When will those crew changes be developed?

    3. What about the man-pack HEAT projectors and light mortars? I hope the development direction is for gunner-loading of those weapons (plus belt-fed MGs) to be very slow, with full ROF and mobility requiring a closely cooperating loader plus sourcing of addditional ammo packs from other soldiers. Are all of those animations done?

    You can’t be laid off again. There’s too much work to do. 8^)

  3. Don’t stop looking for a better job.

  4. you know. It’s hard to tell if the quality of the models is your fault or the engines, but the animations are well below industry standard.

  5. dear someguy – you are a Richard Fuxtardly person and your etiquette is quite below industry standard at your mom’s house.

  6. Yeah, it’s rude. Thats why I’m anonomous. But seriously, look at the Webly. Now reload it. Now compare that animation to the one in HALF LIFE 1 for crying out loud.

    Or how about how the pistol is held. Do YOU hold your pistol like that?

    How about all of these rifles that have stripper clips? where is the striper clip? Why is the animation so jerky? I under stand if it isn’t in the first version. That was a bit rushed. But after 2 – 3 complete re-do’s you would think the striper clip would start to show up, and the animations would at least begin to resemble the smoothness we see in the MOD community.

    Maybe it is all technology limitations. Maybe it’s the volume of work and the fact that they have one guy working on it. Maybe there are 100 different valid excuses. But really, you can’t take this game on face, and compare it to the FPS’s that were even out 5 years ago, and tell me that the ART is up to par.

    If you think it is, then that tells me the game is in SERIOUS trouble because devs and the fans are in denial.

  7. Merry Christmas

  8. I undersatand why you would have that opinion.

    Anything I tell you would sound like an excuse. I could go through the entire timeline of the infantry development and explain why somethings work or look the way they are suppose to and why some things look like ass, but I have a feeling you don’t really care. You wanted to come on here and take a shot anonymously and you did.

    Well, here is my reply; you’re right…some of it still looks subpar and there is good reason for it. Some of it is engine related, some is time related, some is staff related. All of those excuses don’t matter much to folks like yourself, or on resumes and portfolios….I found that out the hard way.

    So here’s to you my friend, for stating the obvious. Have a great holiday.

  9. Hey, sometimes the obvious has to be stated.

  10. *rolls eyes*

  11. Obviously only an idiot who does not understand industry standars would compare Half-Life 1 linear SP and tiny MP game to a MMOG.

    Good stuff Toto, wish I could afford the time and money to resub. It’s been wierd going a whole year with no WWIIOL, especially since my account got messed up so I can’t get in to “other areas” but I keep my eyes on it and send my best wishes.

  12. by reading this I can acquire knowledge ….. thanks for the insight given

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