•November 21, 2006 • 4 Comments

Raph Koster has posted a tidbit on OGLE. I won’t regurgitate his info, but you can go read about it on his blog. I will say it’s pretty interesting and I’ll download and check it out tonight when I get home.


Afro Samurai

•November 1, 2006 • 5 Comments

Granik turned me on to this little tidbit. A new series coming to Spike TV.

Afro Samurai

Art is reminiscent of a show I grew up with: Battle of the Planets Samuel L. Jackson is the voice for this ganja smoking, katana wielding bad-ass.

Looks kinda cool.

I Hate Gophur

•October 31, 2006 • 15 Comments

I swear to god, sometimes I want to smack him.

We had a meeting not too long ago about the new infantry stuff scheduled for 1.25 and beyond. One part of that was the direction of eliminating the deploy animations for all deployable weapons so that we might be able to “pintle mount” the weapons on window sills, bunkers, fences, etc. Basically, a player would run around with the bipod always deployed and set it down on something to gain the advantage of being deployed.

Well, a couple of days ago, Granik comes into my office and informs me that we are still using the deploy action and animations. WTF? So another decision made and I’m left out in the cold. Now it’s just going to add more time to getting these deployable weapons finished if parts of the weapon need animated.

If you read this G….I luv ya bro, but you can’t be doing this to me. I know I am not a “regular” employee anymore but jeeesh!

Damn Bunny Sway

•October 25, 2006 • 12 Comments

So, I’m here working on the stuff that’s going into 1.25 for infantry. Never-mind that Granik got to do all of the fun modeling with crazy ass polycounts for the new weapons, and that I get stuck with the tedious work of rigging and fixing animations…oh nooooooooooooo, now I have to beg to get the stupid gun sway fixed so it doesn’t look like ass…you know….the way it does currently.

Sometimes, I miss Thunder.

We had a little meeting yesterday regarding “bouncing” grenades. The plan seems like a good compromise between form and function, but early on, it didn’t sound so hot.
God-luv-him, I didn’t understand why Ollie thought it would be ok to have grenades appear at your feet after someone had bounced it your way. I mean, materialize out of nowhere, at your feet. I know that he was inferring that it was more important that everyone knew where the distination point was (or end point), then what it actually did to get there…but to me, it sounded like a fucking grenade could just appear around me and BLAM!
I finally understood what was going to happen, or he changed his mind a bit about it…whatever it was, I think it’s a good plan.

Now if I could just get him to post some more Latina women on his blog.

Another Rat Blog

•October 19, 2006 • 5 Comments

Son of a bitch, they are coming out of the woodwork now.

Rafter” decided to try his hand at it so make sure to go take a looksie. I’m going to start charging a franchise fee for these bozos posting women with every entry. Real original you two (kfsone).

Play Type or My OP-ED

•October 13, 2006 • 13 Comments

I am always a little mixed about writing these as they tend to not get read, or at least commented on. I’m not sure if folks don’t read it, don’t comment, don’t care or have nothing to add…but I continue on subjecting myself to the rejection.

With the upcoming release of Blizzard’s 1st expansion pack to their ever popular MMORPG; WoW, I indulged in a little questing amongst the other 6 million players.

Now here is my question: what kind of MMOG player are you?

As far as I can tell there are two kinds. There is the quick to the finish, grab the statistically best gear there is and “win” kind. Then there are the “I like to read the story, explore and immerse myself in the fictional world” kind.
I think I am the latter.
In my opinion, WoW has a very cool backstory, and the sub-plots and quest storylines are good reads (for the most part). Hell, did you know that with some of the quests you are treated to a little entertaining AI dialogue and reaction if you just hang around for a few extra minutes?

I think most of the folks that play now are just looking to “beat the game” the quickest way they know how and to hell with the work that was put into making a compelling and immersive world. That would explain the plethora of websites devoted to just mapping, and cataloging everything Azeroth.

So let’s have it, what type of MMORPG player are you?

My Intro to Zbrush

•October 6, 2006 • 1 Comment

Well, I am in the middle of a video lecture for Zbrush by the great Meats Meier. If you don’t know who he is, shame on you.
So far very informative, and Meats definitely knows his way around a digital canvas, but he might want to change his delivery. Now this is just my opinion, but the instruction can drag a bit.

All in all though, a good investment.
Introduction to Zbrush The Gnomon Workshop